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best house present ever

Joy of all joys, I finally took the plunge and ordered my beloved, awe-inspiring Murphy Bed.

I cannot stop holding and kissing this new, all-wood (no particle board) addition to the family.

To my taller friends: Yes, it is only a full size. I'm sorry. It was on sale...a pre-made discounted bed at $700 off the regular price. However, you may find it is more comfortable than a larger-size futon or air mattress, as it is an actual bed, with a real-live good mattress (once we wash the mold off the one we have in the basement. Just kidding).

And it also has a headboard--which, if you sleep on pillows, gives you a few more inches as well.

Also, we are working on Queen-sizing on our own room at some point,so worse comes to worse we sleep in the murphy when you giant friendies come to visit.

You'll see why this one was so attractive--its built-in office features!

Anyway without further ado I present to you the love of my life the new murphy bed for the guest room / office:

My beauty folded up, built into the wall.(the wires you see are temporary -- they will be snipped and re-wired somewhere else by cable man soon)

The murphy bed also has a murphy desk! Folds down and provides work space.

where you see the black cabinet now is where our built-in book shelves will go -- this project coming up next.

And finally, here's the bed folded down:

Since we will probably have to buy a new mattress, now would be the time to make requests. I'm leaning toward very firm, with an eggcrate or foam pad on top.

Radiator bookshelves

we are in the process of ordering radiator cabinets with bookshelves, like so:

these contraptions make use of a lot of wasted space, and theoretically, are also more heat-efficient, as they keep the heat moving forward into the room. Most are also equipped with reflective panels.

But the measurement process is intense--and it makes me really nervous. So many little things like nuts and valves and floor molding factor into this that I'm afraid one unexact number and all will be ruined. The people who do this aren't local--they all operate out of nearby states.

So I've been sending pics to the builder that look like this:

God help us all!

Another Chandelier contender

Many of you enjoyed the true Art Deco chandelier.

Here's another.

description here:

The only drawback that I can see is that there are no pineapples.


and now -- the top pineapple

I think I love this. Not sure if its finish is shiny enough to go with our red metallic locker and frames.

what do you think? Pay less attention to table colors as those can change. Ideally (no offense to Rae's grandma) we might get a chunkier, darker table in here anyway.

i also love this one

but "rae hates glass"

oh, and it's $7500

Chandeliers for the bungalow

We tried. For months we tried to love the Craftsman-style chandeliers. But in the end, hanging what looks to be a rustic bucket over our dining room table just won't cut it.

We still like historic. early 1900s - 1920s even. But now we're looking at art deco (and possibly Victorian) designs. We'll have the bungalow whose original owners though they were trendy, or something.

Now, for your help.

This is my fave -- but can we put silver next to our brown wall and all our brass lamps in the living room?


this is rae's fave:

i like it, but would probably like something else better. A pineapple theme would be great, i think--these branches are just a little weird. (oh -- i guess because it's an acorn, not a pineapple?)

click for more chandelier picturesCollapse )
Thoughts? We definitely want "larger than life" but in a way that will work with the brown dining room.

For reference, it's going here:

in place of the brass thing

back-post: Lloyd Wright house in Arizona

I posted this in my personal LJ when we went, but I'm reposting here in the house blog for reference -- the Frank Lloyd Wright "Taliesen West" house, home of the famous architect known for influencing many bungalows and mid-century designs.

front view of wright house:

click for more Lloyd Wright house picsCollapse )

There's a gift shop, of course. And we bought a couple of these for the house -- they are concrete, outdoor candle holders:


And here's some housewares and designs for sale at the museum shop--these textile designs are interesting because i see them both in Craftsman and Art deco homes:

(we bought drinking tumblers with this pattern)

Bungalow in the spring

Spring has sprung! Thank god. The Winter nearly killed us.

* * *

Here are some pics of our house as we continue to make progress decorating and landscaping. Major repairs (such as the soon-to-be new roof and basement) will follow in a later post.

* * *

here's the front of the house in the spring!

new shoots of bamboo are growing in front of our window.

* * * click here for more pics of the Bungalow in the springtimeCollapse )