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Racism and mildew

Yes, of course, we all knew the subjects were related, but I'm realizing that as Spring Break approaches, and I'm gearing up to 'finish' some projects, I never posted about out basement foundation repair that we had done over the summer.

This spring break I need to paint "Dry Lock" over the inside basement wall to reduce the moisture that seeps through.

But first we had to get the cracks refilled in a "tuck pointing" process, during which some interesting things happened.


Inside, they had to chisel away the old Dry lock and cement...

revealing gaping holes in the gaps between blocks:

which they then filled in with new cement to make more structurally sound and to seal away some of the moisture that had been seeping in:

looks much better--

this is the wall that I now need to coat in 'dry lock' for an added seal.

* * *
Outside, they did some'waterproofing' measures, including sloping the front patio away from the house:

this actually worked (knock wood).

We don't get water inside in that area anymore after a rainfall.

But they can't slope our patio near the side door without making it impossible to enter, so we do still get some water on the sides of the house.

Anyway, back to the outside. It's when they were at said side patio door that I guess they noticed our foundation wasn't evenly against our door. We knew this, as our door jutted out a little from the wall. But to them this meant they had to investigate.

outside, they were busy tearing away at our uneven blocks of limestone...

I returned home to find the house on stilts...

and the inside wall responding none too favorably...

Turns out that our foundation on that side had been stuffed with newspapers during some renovation in 1950. We know this because the newspaper is from 1950.

And boy, is the newspaper ever from 1950: (you can click on the picture several times to make it zoom in / readable)

'Colored' rooms for rent:

Advice column that tells unhappy, career-less woman to have a baby--
'nature's remedy for boredom' -- and to view housework as a profession:

outside looks better now--

and, uh, i guess they 'fixed' the inside.

remind me to paint this, too.


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Mar. 7th, 2009 02:21 pm (UTC)
I admire your enthusiasm for drylocking, but if you start a "new" project in the basement before finishing a standing (in my way) project in the office/2nd bedroom, I may move out.

also--can you make those crazy articles any bigger? Can't really read them . . . unless there's some way of enlarging them that I don't know about.
Mar. 7th, 2009 05:45 pm (UTC)
click it
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