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We finally hung up the chandelier.

Here are some pics of our new (old) 1920s art deco chandy, salvaged from a Chicago penthouse and now living with us:


The big bungalow news is that we finally bought a chandelier:

The store photo doesn't do it justice, but it's a custom 1920s deco/industrial chandelier from a Chicago penthouse. We found it at Urban Remains in Chicago two weeks ago. I will take more pics once it's up and installed.

today's obsession

The desk grommet.

And OMG! Check out These!

Also, these guys

or ...


Today, we received the results of our re-appraisal.

It came in nearly $60,000 *above* what we paid for the house 2 years ago.

Given the state of the world, I am extremely relieved, even if this all feels like just a bit too much appreciation. I mean, how is that possible?

I will say, though, that twice mentioned in the appraisal was...can you guess who?


The Murphy bed added value to the house.

And R wanted a daybed. Psshhh.

retro appliances

File this under:

retro appliances.

I have seen the 1950s style appliances before, but they're probably a bit too 'old' for our late 1920s home. This link shows that some companies are indeed working in other eras as well.


If you knew how much I Googled things and tried to design and shop for the bungalow you'd wonder why there aren't nearly as many posts here as there should be.

Inspired by this bungalow blog, I think I'm going to just post whenever I feel like it, even we haven't made any decisions. (Be sure to check out that post, which hilariously describes our exact relationship when we first moved in. It's like this couple is a mirror image of us).

There are plenty of things we'll need your help with soon, and even if we're not close to making a major purchase it's fun to discuss it.

We do have some news -- built-ins are installed and almost done in the office. Living room is looking really good except for the mustard paint which needs to be more of yellow-cream instead (sorry rae but it's true). Pics to follow shortly.

We also *both* fell in love with
this chandelier when we were in SF, a chandelier which we cannot afford ($2600).

But the good news is that is that it made us realize what we are in the market for: something not only art deco, but particularly "machine age" style, mixing the industrial with elegant glass. We also realized we are willing to entertain nickel/silver, even if it means rethinking some of our other lamps.

This one would be nice, too, though:

but still too expensive.

I think we may need to settle on some reproductions, which of course are never quite so amazing.

Racism and mildew

Yes, of course, we all knew the subjects were related, but I'm realizing that as Spring Break approaches, and I'm gearing up to 'finish' some projects, I never posted about out basement foundation repair that we had done over the summer.

This spring break I need to paint "Dry Lock" over the inside basement wall to reduce the moisture that seeps through.

But first we had to get the cracks refilled in a "tuck pointing" process, during which some interesting things happened.


Inside, they had to chisel away the old Dry lock and cement...

more on the insideCollapse )

outside, they were busy tearing away at our uneven blocks of limestone...

I returned home to find the house on stilts...

and the inside wall responding none too favorably...

Turns out that our foundation on that side had been stuffed with newspapers during some renovation in 1950. We know this because the newspaper is from 1950.

And boy, is the newspaper ever from 1950: (you can click on the picture several times to make it zoom in / readable)

'Colored' rooms for rent:

Advice column that tells unhappy, career-less woman to have a baby--
'nature's remedy for boredom' -- and to view housework as a profession:

and yes, they did fix that wall..Collapse )

Sun Room

I'm way behind in our bungalow posts!

In honor of winter, here are some shots of the painted sun room. We did this many months ago, mind you.

Paint Color is Benjamin Moore Shelburne Buff.

It was the only color that picked up on our tiles'
gold and green accents simultaneously. Paint chosen by Dorie the color expert, of course.

click for more pictures...Collapse )

I also love the way the paint looks against the wood trim.


I've been slacking on my blog posts here. We have had so many projects ! I still haven't even updated about the basement work and crazy shit we found in the walls this summer. I'll do that soon.

So, here's just a few pics of our roof -- the new one was installed last week by ..oh, let's just call him "Joe Shingleclamp". Many of the laborers in this crazy little town have names that match their profession. I'm not kidding.

Here's our new roof:

Of course what's a good house project without some pessimism on my part.

two things that are driving me crazy--

the shingles seemed to have some brown in them before they went up. The color is 'dual black' and had no brown in the tile I picked out, but the full shingle looked different.

I mostly see black on the roof, but in certain light, i see brown:

but then -- and my lovely wife will kill me for this -- here's my other problem. When I had our lammpost installed I wasn't really thinking about this...

...But when I saw these pictures I realized that our lamppost basically blocks the windows:

I think it looks kind of weird, quite honestly, and when I did some searching about this topic I saw a lot of people say it should really be to the side of the windows. Sigh. I mean, it would look fine just on the other side of the pergola and probably wouldn't be a big deal to move at some point in the future, but still, what was I thinking??

The Chairs, and LIVING ROOM decisions

Yes, it's true. The famous pink chairs are finally being recovered. The upholsterers came and picked them up yesterday, and the dog, who regularly sits on them (those days are over), immediately began trembling. Haha.

Now we need help choosing curtain and pillow fabric.

So, just for some background--here's one of the chairs with the fabric we picked. Dorie the color expert helped us match it to our red wall. (We may need to change the yellow wall behind it to a different shade of yellow-ish tinge -- more on that later).

In dealing with decorating this 1927 bungalow we realized that some of the traditional Craftsman styles are just way too rustic for us. We love a lot of it -- we just can't do all of it.

We also realized that our house has some tiny hints of Art Deco in it, which makes sense given that the periods overlap. (These chairs are Victorian, which means they are too fancy to make them 'Craftsman' anyway).

So we're going for an Art Deco Living Room. click for my art deco ramblingsCollapse )

So keeping all this in mind----

Here's what we are deciding between---Which leopard print do you think should be our curtains/ pillows? And Which goes best with the spiral chair fabric? The white or the gold?

Of course we may also need to cover a pillow in the fabric so that the dog will have a new place to sit once he is no longer allowed on the chairs.

That means we also have to decide --

which fabric goes best with the dog?


or this?